Episode 29: Innocence


In this episode, Cory and Laine discuss the impracticalities of smoking while drinking, wearing suits while working at Orange Julius, and the complexities of the Angel/Dru/Spike relationship.

Thanks for listening to our discussion of Season 2, episode 14- Innocence.



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Music for this episode is “Digging a Grave,” by Shadows from the Underground, and is used under license from Audiosocket.

3 thoughts on “Episode 29: Innocence

  1. I don’t know if it’s just my podcast player or an issue on your end but when I listened to Episode 29 it wasn’t Innocence.
    It was a repeat of the Surprise episode.


    1. I just listened to episode 31 & you mentioned the problem but blamed Spotify.
      I don’t listen to it on spotify so that’s different platforms, same issue.


      1. Which platform are you using? The file is correct on the website, which is where FeedBurner is pulling from, so I’m not sure why on earth it’s messing up for certain platforms. It’s also correct on Apple podcasts, but I know not everyone listens there. If you don’t mind listening to it streaming on the website, it is the correct one. Unless you already did, in which case, thanks!!
        Also, thanks for bringing it to our attention, it’s really helpful to know it’s not just Spotify!


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