Episode 28: Surprise


In this episode, Cory and Laine discuss why Buffy can’t ever have a great birthday, claddagh rings, and just why is there a sexy loophole in Angel’s curse anyway? Then we give you an enthusiastic reenactment of a deleted scene between Giles and Jenny! We just really hope you love Tim Curry.

Thanks for listening to our discussion of Season 2, episode 13- Surprise.



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Music for this episode is “Digging a Grave,” by Shadows from the Underground, and is used under license from Audiosocket.

One thought on “Episode 28: Surprise

  1. Is there a person who doesn’t love Tim Curry?
    I have to catch up on the next episode, but I wanted to say w/r/t this one: I completely agree about the Buffy/Angel melodrama. Everything is so to the nth degree. I don’t think I noticed it much during my first watch back when I was a young teen when it was actually airing, partially because of my age but also because I absolutely love the Buffy/Angel theme- the music that plays in their more dramatic interactions is probably my favorite from the series, and made the OTT-ness of it all a little more believable. On subsequent viewings, however, there’s some Very Dramatic Moments that are downright cringe-worthy. Part of what makes The Zeppo so great in season 3 is that it makes fun of this melodrama, which I love. I also enjoy how Angel’s general broodiness gets gently poked at a lot more when he gets his own show.
    And yes, I absolutely remember people in my school being obsessed with those Claddagh rings after these episodes.


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