Episode 10- The Puppet Show


Join Cory and Laine in this episode as they discuss their phobias that definitely include knife wielding dolls, Snyder’s first appearance (and how he gets all the best lines), and just how heavy was that chandelier anyway?

Thanks for joining us for Season 1, Episode 9- The Puppet Show



TV Tropes link to ventriloquist dummies

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Music for this episode is “Digging a Grave,” by Shadows from the Underground, and is used under license from Magnatune.

3 thoughts on “Episode 10- The Puppet Show

  1. Laine, like you I thought of Giles yelling at Xander in that season 3 episode after he fell asleep when he was supposed to be watching Oz. I love talk about the relationship between Giles and Xander, because it seems like there was maybe some potential there, but it was never fully explored. Giles’ relationship with all of the Scoobies is super interesting because I think Giles has the potential to be a mentor to each of them in really interesting ways. But realistically, he’s just one person, and Buffy is his charge as a Watcher. And he develops into a father figure for her and truly loves her, and he clearly cares about Xander and Willow as well (though is closer to Willow I think partly because of shared interests). But he cannot also be the one who provides the amount of guidance and attention he gives Buffy to Xander and Willow as well. Do they suffer for that? We see that both their home situations are not ideal, in different ways. And again, this is not and cannot be Giles’ responsibility, but it’s interesting to think about what might’ve been if he had been more of a direct mentor for both Xander and Willow, and how that would have influenced their characters.

    I also thought of Xander’s dream in Restless, and how he saw Spike and Giles on the swings, and mentioned that he used to be interested in (I think) potentially being a Watcher. It just feeds into the ‘what if’s, I think. It’s also interesting on a meta level because at that time I think Spike’s character was extremely popular, and especially in season 5 he takes a more prominent role, while Xander is still very much present but does kind of take a little bit of a back seat in the latter seasons (his plot mostly centering around his relationship with Anya). So that point of Xander’s dream in Restless could be seen as a hint at that as well.

    (BTW this is non-British Jess again, the one leaving too many blocks of text under each of these episodes. :))


  2. Laine, I can’t tell you how surprised and ridiculously happy it made me to hear that I’m not the only person that has that problem with cotton balls. Everyone else I’ve told about it thinks it’s just so weird and I’ve never been able to explain why the texture bothers me so much but it does.

    I’m loving the podcast and can’t wait to listen to more episodes as I do my Buffy rewatch.


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