Episode 9- I, Robot… You, Jane


As this episode of Buffy deals with self harm and suicide, this episode of Myth Taken does as well. If these are sensitive topics for you, please feel free to skip this episode. We hope you’ll join us for the next one!

In this episode, Cory and Laine talk about outdated technology (and how to possibly update the story), technopaganism, and the benefits of contentious relationships turned into romantic relationships.

Thanks for joining us for Season 1, Episode 8- I, Robot… You, Jane



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Music for this episode is “Digging a Grave,” by Shadows from the Underground, and is used under license from Magnatune.

3 thoughts on “Episode 9- I, Robot… You, Jane

  1. Hi guys! As a Brit.. online has always meant on the internet in my experience.. not ‘in line’. I’ve personally never heard it referred to like that. I’m 31 so was a teen as social media started taking off. Hope that helps! 🙂



  2. 1. This is the Jess who’s been leaving paragraphs long comments on all your other posts, not the British Jess who also commented on this post 🙂
    2. My comment (before I head back to work and won’t have as much time to continue catching up with this for a couple of days) is about the ‘on line’ slang as well. It is not common in the US overall, as far as I know, but it IS common in one part of the US: New York. I’ve always said I wait ‘on line’ for things more commonly than ‘in line.’ I don’t know why it’s just NY, and I didn’t really think of it until I started moving around and living in other states, but there’s an article about it here that I just looked up now but haven’t yet read: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/11/semantics-voting-you-say-line-i-say-line/321708/
    Related to that, there’s also a wonderful dialect quiz based on the Harvard Dialect Survey that me and my colleagues took (I’m an academic librarian and often pretend I’m Giles and yes I have an exact replica of his ‘Kiss the Librarian’ mug that Spike drinks out of in season 4), and it got me within 2 miles of where I grew up: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/upshot/dialect-quiz-map.html


    1. A follow-up (once again from Non-British Jess): Laine, as soon as you started talking about the Step by Step couple, it brought it ALL back. I haven’t thought about that show in many years, but I remember I DID really like that couple. That said, your discussion also reminded me of a kind of ‘no-fun resident feminist’ character trope of which I was never a fan – I’m thinking of Dana but also Jessie from Saved by the Bell. Not that there weren’t some great feminist characters at the time, obviously, but I could also see a little backlash, too, and from what I remember, there was much less use of the ‘f’ word, directly, perhaps because of that.


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