Episode 95: Fool for Love


In this episode, we talk about Cecily vs Halfrek, the dumbing down of the scoobies, and Spike’s motivations for the tales he tells. Thanks for joining us while we discuss Season 5, Episode 7: Fool for Love.



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One thought on “Episode 95: Fool for Love

  1. This is truly a wonderful episode. James Marsters does a great job of revealing these other facets of Spike’s personality and past – which is really what the episode is about, despite Buffy’s desire to learn more about her slayer vulnerabilities. Everything we’re seeing is coming from Spike and his point of view, and tells us more about him than anyone else. I love your point about Spike projecting, and think that is in fact the case. Watching this episode always makes me think about Spike more, and what really struck me this time was the comparison of Spike projecting here, to Spike being more accurate in perceiving Willow’s suffering in ‘Something Blue’ after Oz leaves her. Looking at Spike’s human past, it makes me think that he is particularly good at reading Willow because the two of them might actually be quite alike, in certain ways. I think about how Willow views her past self in her dream in ‘Restless’ and see it as somewhat similar to how Spike sees his past (human) self, William.

    I also love the point you made about Riley and Buffy just not being compatible, or having different ways of showing they care. Thinking about that, I wonder if a problem is that Riley wants to help, but the idea of just ‘being there’ maybe doesn’t occur to him because it’s such a passive activity. Because he’s already feeling anxious and insecure about the relationship, so the idea of just being with Buffy while she handles things and offering a more quiet (less obviously “useful”) kind of support wouldn’t occur to him, or wouldn’t occur to him to be valuable. If he already feels like he’s kind of tagging along in the relationship, he might not be comfortable with that form of support (especially if he doesn’t trust that Buffy WILL be that vulnerable with him, so he sees quiet moments with her as just more rejection, rather than her own vulnerability).

    Thanks for another great episode!


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