Episode 65: Living Conditions


In this episode, Cory and I talk about Kathy’s music, Parker’s flirting, and Buffy’s disgusting gum habits. We also offer up some ideas of what we think might help this episode, especially the ending.

Thanks for listening to our discussion of Season 4, Episode 2: Living Conditions.



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Music for this episode is “Digging a Grave,” by Shadows from the Underground, and is used under license from Audiosocket.

One thought on “Episode 65: Living Conditions

  1. Catching up once again. 🙂 While this was never one of my favorite episodes, I think what I took from the Kathy-Buffy storyline was that the writers were taking a kind of petty glee in describing the passive aggression that can come up with roommates (esp. if you’re not used to having them). That’s the reason I think it ended on Buffy’s eye twitch at Willow’s behavior – just the idea that living with someone, even a friend, can be difficult. Like maybe the writers were thinking back to their own behavior when they were younger and were still of two minds about it – on the one hand knowing that passive aggression isn’t a mature way to solve problems but accepting that it’s something their younger selves did and how silly it was that they had such outsized reactions to little irritating habits, and on the other hand still feeling nostalgic annoyance at whatever roommates with said irritating habits they lived with in the past. And what came out of that was this episode. This is obviously all pure speculation on my part; it’s just what I assumed when I was watching this episode.


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