Episode 52: Helpless


Cory and Laine discuss Zachary Kralik, defunct web browsers, and how all our father figures disappoint us in this episode.

Thank you for listening to our discussion of Season 3, Episode 12: Helpless



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Music for this episode is “Digging a Grave,” by Shadows from the Underground, and is used under license from Audiosocket.

2 thoughts on “Episode 52: Helpless

  1. Hi guys! Just want to point out that in LMPTM Buffy identified Drusilla as the person Angel was talking to based on a photograph (daguerreotype) of Dru taken in the 1800s. So BTVS vamps have always been able to show up in photos.

    Also, Faith is a year younger than Buffy. Eliza Dushku was 17 when she took the role of Faith. I think Faith seems older because she’s hella street smart (due to the abuse she suffered her whole damn life). If she’d had a cruciantem then there’s no way she would not have warned Buffy. But even if they are the same age, Faith dropped through the cracks when her real watcher was brutally killed, and her temporary watcher left her squatting in a hotel because he has his slayer already. Not that I, as a Faith fan, am bitter, oh…not at all.

    Finally, I love that you both love Wesley and Spike.


  2. I subscribe to the theory I’ve seen in a few fanfics that the Crucimentum test is different based on the slayer. You guys kinda touched on this. If the girl is obedient, by the book, then they give her some fledge vamp that’s pretty easy to take out. Someone like Buffy who has a history of doing her own thing and not being the “model” slayer, they give a crazy serial killer like Kralik, therefore increasing the odds that she’ll fail the test and they’ll get someone more controllable.


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