Episode 20: Reptile Boy


In this episode, Cory and Laine discuss why Giles seems to have regressed, why Cordy will be investing in waders and a fishin’ pole, and why oh why do these high powered business men leave the sacrificing to the college kids?!

Thanks for listening to our discussion on Season 2, Episode 5: Reptile Boy



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Music for this episode is “Digging a Grave,” by Shadows from the Underground, and is used under license from Magnatune.

4 thoughts on “Episode 20: Reptile Boy

  1. THANK YOU I hated that ‘when you kiss me I wanna die’ line. I thought it was just because I’m not a romantic person. I didn’t get it at all. Even as an insult I don’t get it. It’s such a weird line. I think it was a case of the writers loving the line itself even if it didn’t work in context, and just not wanting to take it out.

    Aside from the whole ‘asking for it’ unpleasantness, there were small moments in the episode that I always really enjoyed, which you mentioned here: from Xander’s “Xander.” to Cordelia’s fake laugh to Willow’s rant (and of course the ‘how do you shave?’ line).

    I also agree with the discussion about how the really obvious metaphors are sometimes a bit much. I like things that leave room for a little more ambiguity; not in a cop out way, but more in an intentionally subtle, nuance-recognizing way. This episode could have benefited from more ambiguity, because as it stands it does kind of seem like they were trying to say that Buffy or the other girls somehow deserved what happened to them because they went out and ‘rebelled.’

    Laine, I had never heard of the term cheongsam but I knew exactly what type of dress you were talking about, which is probably because I had a Delia’s subscription, but I also just remember that style being very popular for a little while.


  2. I’m so far behind and I just finished listening to this episode and can I just say, I would be 1000% down for a BTVS D&D campaign. I’m sure I’ll hear at some point as I keep listening if y’all follow up on that but I just had to get that out of my system. Love you guys!


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