Episode 0-0 – Introductions



This is our first episode, so we introduce ourselves and let you know a little bit about us and about where we’ll be coming from in terms of the show.


Download: Episode 0-0 – Introductions



This is where we’ll usually share any relevant links for the episode. This time around, we’d recommend you check out:

  • New World Witchery – Our other podcast on folk magic in North America
  • Buffy on Hulu – In case you need to watch the episodes (we don’t get anything from recommending Hulu, they just tend to have good versions of the episodes)
  • Still Pretty – One of our other favorite Buffy shows
  • Buffering the Vampire Slayer – One of our other OTHER favorite Buffy shows

You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for now (more social media will be coming soon).

You can also always email us with your thoughts, questions, and ideas! We love hearing from you!


Music for this episode is “Digging a Grave,” by Shadows from the Underground, and is used under license from Magnatune.

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